Buying a new home in Bali – A quick review

Buying a new home in Bali is a useful investment.  Such a property can serve as a good vacation home.  But following homework is to be done before buying a property in Bali:

  1. Laws: Foreigners can own land/property by nominating an Indonesian resident as a holder.  But leasing the property and renewing the lease for the further period does not require a nominee
  2. Good real estate agent: An investor should always select a real estate agent who has a good reputation and knowledge.  Such an agent should offer professional services and guidance.  They should be well-versed in legal formalities.  In short, the investor should not face any difficulty in the buying process.  Bali new homes can offer a reliable solution for investors.    This will protect investors from losing their hard-earned money.
  3. Budget: The investor has to be clear on the budget.  This will help in easily selecting the property.  Moreover, further alterations, taxes etc. will not pose a hurdle when the budget is clearly decided by the investor in advance.
  4. Construction Vs ready built: A ready built home is the best option.  Being a developing nation, logistics are costly in Indonesia.  Hence getting a fully built home is easier.

When the investor has good contact with local people, he can opt for construction.  Getting the help of locals in the construction process makes it easier.  Hence new-comers can go for ready-built homes.

  1. Location: Bali is a famous tourist location.  Hence having proximity to beaches, temples and local markets can be advantageous.  The scenic beauty persuades tourists to keep revisiting the place.  Hence an investor can compromise on price when the property is coupled with such advantages.
  2. Legal precautions: The investor should have a thorough knowledge of local laws.  Missing any of the vital points may end up in huge trouble.  Hence seeking good legal guidance is mandatory.
  3. Leasehold vs ownership: In Bali, leasehold is as good as owning a house.  Hence an investor need not restrict himself to buying a property on ownership terms.
  4. Identity proofs: ID proof of investor is mandatory.  Similarly, the investor should check the ID proof of the seller too.

bali property

When keeping all the above points in mind, one can easily invest and safely invest in Indonesian real estate.  It would be nice to imagine oneself in a property near exotic beaches of Bali.  One can enjoy the sunshine, beach sports, local food, and temples.  One can visit the market places. An investor can enjoy the local hospitality.  Good news is that one does not need to be in Indonesia 365 days to monitor the property.  There are plenty of real estate agents who can take care of these.  The ultimate benefit is that the investor can sell the property easily when not needed.  The demand for good Indonesian properties is more.  These properties sell like hot cakes.  So, finding a buyer is not a tough job.  Also, the returns on these investments in whoppingly high.  If one is considering a real estate investment, Bali should be the first choice undoubtedly.